Why are You in Business?

Do you still remember the reason why you're in business?

By Ken Krell

Creator & Founder of BagelSoft

Have you ever wondered how to become successful or how do highly successful entrepreneurs think?

As I was enjoying a lovely morning in Central Park, New York, I remembered the day I decided to become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is maybe overwhelming for starters, at times you can find it quite intimidating. Why? Because of the wrong mindset. 

Entrepreneurs spend too much time identifying how they can make viral videos, setup the best marketing campaign, gain more traffic to their website(s), identify the best font or color for the logo and a lot more, but they forget about the most important part— Defining Your Business.

Over my career I had the privilege to interview hundreds of highly successful people and today I'll share with you exactly how they THINK. 

In the following video, I'll share with you my knowledge and experiences in defining your business and how it can be valuable to your customers. 

What can you offer to make the world a better place?

This is the core question that every entrepreneur should be able to answer. 
This will give you and your business a clear definition of your purpose it will help you come up with a statement. This is not actually your mission statement but rather a statement of your purpose. Identify the problem that you are trying to solve and offer the solution to your customers.

“The world would be a better place if people who love to travel can easily connect with a driver for a ride to a desired destination through a mobile app.” -Uber

Positioning Your Brand

Now that you have a clear purpose for your business or you have identified the problem that you're trying to solve, it's now time to know about positioning.

Chances are, you're not the only one offering your products or services. So, what makes you different than your competitors? Why would your target market choose you over the leading brand?

Here are some questions that will help you position your brand:

1) What makes you different?

2) Why do you do what you do?

These two core questions for positioning are still tied up with your answers for “What can you offer to make the world a better place?”

Give and You Will Receive

Asking people to buy your product without giving any value is like meeting someone at the bar and asking him/her to marry you right away. 

Give your customers the opportunity to get to know you. Allow them to discover how great you products or services to gain their trust. You can also give them something for free to experience the real thing or to establish a connection. Freebies can be in any form such as ebooks, courses, price quotations, discount coupons or trial subscription in exchange for their email address. Staying connected will allow you to give them more freebies, identify their needs or problems and eventually offer your solution to their problem.

Always give value first and the sales will automatically follow. 

Stop giving your customer the best product. Instead, give them the best solution to their problem.

I hope that these words give you something to think about, something that might change the game of your business. 

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