Here’s How To Win Against The Rising Cost of Traffic V1

If you think the cost of traffic is going through the roof then you’re right.

According to official Facebook stats, ad costs sky rocketed a whopping 39% in the first 3 months of this year.

And respected analysts AdWeek predict we could be in for another hike, with traffic costs soaring as 79% in the next 12 months. 

Rising traffic cost

Could the rising cost of traffic ruin your online business?

This is why smart marketers aren't focusing on getting more traffic.

They're now squeezing the most out of every visitor they get.

And this means hitting their visitors multiple times in different ways. After all, just because someone doesn't buy the first time doesn't mean they won't buy later.

The Key To Making More and More Money Is Knowing How People Buy And Making It Easy For Them

A basic sales funnel only caters for people who want the product (a) there and then and (b) can pay for it and (c) want to spend that exact amount of money.

However, countless tests have shown this not to be the case. And while some people will buy on the spot…

  • Some people want more time to make a decision
  • Others want more information
  • Some want to start with a smaller purchase
  • And likewise there are people who have heaps of money to throw at you if you give them the chance.

Some people may have wanted to buy but were distracted, called away or needed to charge up their credit card.

The point is, if you're trying for a one-shot sale then forget it. When you think about it there's only one conclusion you can make.

There's a lot of money being left on the table. Let me show you how to get it.

The key to raking in the money is using multiple ‘Profit Steps'. They're called profit steps because each one you add to your sales funnel makes you more profit.

You keep your visitors in your funnel for longer.

You offer them more opportunities to purchase.

And you keep building your case so those who aren't sure get the clarity and confidence they need.

A Lesson From The World's Highest Earning Marketers

You can learn a lot from history, right?

Well, remember when you could get clicks from Google for a few cents? Then the same on Facebook?

This is the same. The people who are going to rake in the money will be the first ones to the market.

As time goes on everyone will be getting into the act and every funnel will be full of profit steps.

The question is … what’s life going to look like for you when it happens?

Will you be sitting back relaxing with the money in the bank?

Or will you be desperately scrambling over the scraps once everyone is doing this?

The choice is yours, and this is why you need this checklist of the hottest Profit Steps you can use.

Get it now and make the easy money before everyone else wakes up.

According to AdWeek, the cost of advertising on Facebook could rise another 79% in the next 12 months.

According to official Facebook stats, ad costs sky rocketed a whopping 39% in the first 3 months of this year.