A Bit About Us...

Our passion is simple.
We love to make things better.

So when someone says “I wish this would do that”, we consider it a challenge.

Here at BagelSoft™, our objective is to leverage the resources you have and make them more productive for you…

for both now and the long term.

Try our software.

It's hand-crafted with love and designed to help you be more effective and make your business more fun.

Meet Our (really YOUR) Team

Ken Krell

Founder and Chief Enthusiast

Matt Zobel

Software and Web Development Director

Gina Gaudio-Graves

Business Development Director

Val Lazarito

Project Manager

Jonneil Quincena

Video Editor

Kate zobel

InfusionSoft Adminstrator

Jeremy NOceda

Graphics Designer

Nazareno Dalisay

Graphics Designer

Venzar Navas

Graphics Designer

Ledie JEAN borbe

Web Developer


Web Developer

Alfred Ellorimo

Web Developer

Luis Robrigado

Content Editor

BeTTY Bagel

Bagel Model

Bagel Puppy

Our Cheerleader