Turn Your WordPress Site into a
Sales generating Machine with Our
5-Minute Funnels.

Bagel™ Instantly Turns WordPress into
Your Ultimate Marketing Funnel.
It's Faster. Easier. And for a Fraction of the Cost.

Could This Be Your "FastPass" to Profit?

Introducing Bagel

Bagel Makes it Easy.

If you’re the typical WordPress user, when you
want to create a sales funnel, you’re stuck
trying to assemble each page in the right
order and then when you want to look at your
actual funnel, you have no easy way to see
how each page relates to each other.

This means that you have no way to
graphically see how your marketing message
will be deployed. And it means that you can
miss fundamental conversion steps, costing
you tens of thousands of dollars...or more!

At last, your perfect solution has arrived.

Your Bagel is on its Way.

Dear Business Owner:

If you’ve been searching for highly effective strategies to multiply the profits for your online (or offline) business, this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

You’re about to discover the ultimate profit hack that can instantly transform your WordPress site into a finely-tuned wealth creation machine.

And it all starts with a Bagel.

No, not the kind you eat for breakfast!

Bagel™ is the new tech enhancement that lets you transform your WordPress site into a finely-tuned, highly-optimized sales/profit funnel.

In just 3 easy steps!

At last, you can effortlessly take your prospects on a journey from “hello” to customer/client and model their experience on some of the most successful sales campaigns in history.

Bagel™ gives you the ability to instantly generate a complete winning sales funnel—with all the high-converting power-pages you need—to more profitably run your business.

Build your visual,
dynamic high-profit
omni-channel funnels
in minutes!
Works for virtually all
your marketing

Running a webinar? One click builds-out your entire funnel from registration to confirmation to order page to replay pages. And all based on top-performing "guru-approved" strategies.
Creating a free book promotion? Bagel™ creates your pages, in the perfect order, so you can maximize your results.
Creating a simple lead-generation system? Bagel™ can have you up and running in just a few short minutes.
Looking for new clients? Check-out the client-generation funnels that offer lead magnets, squeeze pages and even reverse optin-strategies.
Running a product launch? You’ll love the plug & play product launch funnels we’ve built for you.

Your Perfect Funnels Are Here!

No matter what your business and promotional need, Bagel™ probably has
the perfect funnel for you…with all the high-converting registration, sales pages,
upsell pages, thank-you pages…and more…everything you need to build
winning campaigns.™

Just select what you want from our growing collection of optimized funnels
and page-templates, easily customize them to your specific situation and
you’re ready to go.

And all this happens with the same tools that you’re already using—so there’s
virtually no learning curve!

Now there's
the Bagel Way.

After years of being frustrated that we couldn’t easily create a sales funnel in WordPress...and that we were spending hundreds of dollars every month—thousands of dollars each year—on 3rd party non-WordPress systems (that took traffic off our site!), we created our own.

And now you can have it, too!

Bagel™ quickly assembles all the pages your funnel needs, in the right page order (which you can customize!), and with proven high-converting pages that will boost your bottom line.

All for a fraction of the cost of “other” sales funnel builders that require you to take your message away from your own website.

Build Your Funnel on Your Site.

Now you can host your own marketing message on your own website with your own branding on your own terms.

Now you can build your own pages using the familiar technology that you already know and love...and do any page customization that you want. After all, this is YOUR website we’re talking about!

Now you have the power to implement your marketing strategy on your terms...and keep your visitors on YOUR website, not some third party funnel builder. This means that google will love you and reward you with better rankings, as your traffic goes to YOUR site, not someone else’s.

Use Whatever Theme or
Page Builder You Want.

Yes. You read that correctly! You don’t need to change anything you’re
currently doing. Bagel™ installs quickly and its intuitive interface is easy to use.

Want a new funnel from scratch? Simply tell Bagel™ what you want and it
will instantly generate the pages you need…with the high-performance
page templates you choose from our growing selection of
high-converting templates.

Want to organize your current pages into a winning sales funnel? Bagel™
makes it super easy. Just select the funnel you want to create…a webinar, an
opt-in sequence, or an order process. Create whatever you like.

Bagel™ will identify the pages you need, and you simply select your existing
pages (or choose some of our conversion-centric templates) to fit into each
funnel step. It’s as easy as spreading cream cheese on your favorite bagel!

Want to add, subtract or reorder your funnel steps? Easy! Bagel’s™
user-friendly drag and drop feature makes it super simple for you.

Want to create a special template just for your team? Piece of cake (or shall
we say Bagel™?!). Just tell Bagel that you want to create a new funnel
template and we’ll clone it for you instantly.

10 Minutes
Away from

“Wow, That
Was Easy!”

Build Your First Bagel Funnel
Risk-Free Right Now!

Here's a Few Reasons Why
You'll Love Bagel!

You can create the way you want with the tools you’re comfortable using.

No need to hire someone else to figure-out some confusing new software. Bagel™ lets you stay
in your comfort zone!

Build YOUR funnel on YOUR platform—you’re in total control of your user’s experience. (Bagel™
runs on YOUR website!)

Bagel™ loves Switzerland…and just as Switzerland is a neutral country, so is Bagel™. You can
structure your funnels with virtually any page builder—ClickFunnels, LeadPages,
OptimizePress, Thrive Architect, Elementor, Divi, BeaverBuilder, Unbounce, Wix and more.

Sell your heart out! Bagel™ doesn’t cap your page visits or bandwidth and we don’t charge
transaction fees. We’re your “make money now” cheerleaders!

You’re never “flying blind”, because Bagel™ continually evaluates your funnel performance so you
can always be on top of your profit centers. All you have to do is monitor your numbers and test
against your current stats. Our users tell us that this is where they have the most fun—when
they can easily push their conversions higher.

You’re always current, because we’re continually updating and improving the software. We use
it, too, so we’re committed to constant and never-ending improvement.

Get Visual—Our unique drag & drop funnel planner makes it super easy to craft a COMPLETE
multi-channel sales and marketing funnel. You’ll get to instantly see how each component
affects the other and make immediate improvements to your performance. While other
so-called funnel builders focus only on web pages, here at Bagel™, we’re inspired by the “Back to
Basics” mentality. It’s the basics that have built fortunes, and we want you to build YOUR
fortune with our help!

Get Mobile. Get Profitable. If you’re not building pages for mobile users, you’re throwing away
your money. Bagel™ supports your current page building tools, which means you can totally
control your mobile optimization.

Templates are totally flexible. Just choose the template you want and customize it any way you
like! Change fonts, colors, backgrounds, images, add video…whatever you like! Now you don’t
have to look like everyone else…you can be YOU!

Bagel™ Saves You Time and Money.

Other funnel builders will cost you up to $300 or more—each month—and you lose some of your favorite WordPress functionality. Bagel™ gives you more freedom for less money.

And just as you’ll share your favorite foods at the dinner table, when you share your Bagel™, we reward you with cool free stuff.

Bagel™ is Smart and Makes You Smarter.

Bagel™ gives you knowledge, resulting in the power to optimize virtually every aspect of your sales funnel.

Our built-in SmartBagel™ analytics and split-testing engine will give you the marketing intelligence you need to determine which pages are performing better for you, so you can quickly maximize your marketing dollar and make better business decisions.

Bagel™ is Fast and Easy to Use.

You don’t need to train people on a different platform. Bagel™ uses what you currently have so you don’t need different systems.

Bagel™ is mobile friendly—just like the pages you’re building. In fact, you might consider that Bagel™ is like the secret sauce you add to your WordPress site that gives you super powers!

Bagel™ Gives You Superpowers!

Bagel’s™ smart menu system makes it trimmer, cleaner and easier to navigate around your current website.

Plus the ability to split test and get real time analytics gives you marketing super powers.

Bagel™ Keeps Adding Great New Features

Here at BagelSoft™, we're obsessed with making things better. So you can count on us to make Bagel™ better and better.

And we listen to YOU when you tell us how we can make your business life easier. Mom raised us right--we care about YOU!

If it Runs on WordPress, it Runs with Bagel.™

Taste Bagel™ risk-free for 14 days and see just how delicious it will be for you. No credit card is required

Get Realtime Results.

Your prospect want fast results and so do you. So you'll love the ability to see how you're doing…in realtime…when you check your built-in analytics. No need to wait days to get your results—you'll know immediately how your funnels are performing, so you can instantly fine-tune for maximum profitability.

And if you're a high-achiever, you'll love BagelStats™* which will give you world-class, state of the art predictive details on your full funnel performance—including the actual value of each visitor to each funnel! No-one else offers this innovative integrated performance -intelligence service.

Are You New to Sales Funnels?

Whether you're just getting started online marketing professional, you're going to love Bagel™ makes your life. We've taken away the guess-work by building-out all the steps you'll need for a highly-optimized online selling process.

This means you can be up and running FAST-without all the worry and wonder if you're doing things right. Bagel™ funnels and templates are modeled on the most successful online campaign, so you can rest assured that your message has the advantage going forward.

Bagel Taste
Great With All
Your Favorite

In New York, They're called “schmear”, the amazing cream cheese you put on your Bagel™. Here at BagelSoft™, you'll love that Bagel works seamlessly with the existing tools you may be using, Such as our own SiteWrap™, Pretty Links and other popular WordPress plugins. Yes it's totally integrated, so you can rest easy…virtually everything you're doing now will work with Bagel™.

Are You

If you're not comfortable with technology, you can relax, You'll be glad to know that Bagel™ doesn't require that you learn sophisticated technical stuff. In fact, you'll be using the exact same tools that you or your team are already comfortable with…and if you need any help, our friendly client-support cheerleaders are standing by, ready to help you.

We can even help you find the perfect virtual assistant, so you can totally outsource the entire process if you like (but you may discover that you fall in love with the creative process!).

Bagel Tastes Great on
Everyone's Plates...and
Plays Well Together!

Bagel™ was designed to compliment your total  marketing plan. If

you're currently using LeadPages, Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft,

Ontraport or virtually any other WordPress-friendly tool, Bagel™

can make your life better.

In fact, your new sales funnel can include existing pages from

Clickfunnels, LeadPages, UnBounce, Wix or any other web pages

you've created! Yes─this is the ultimate solution if you have great

pages built in multiple platforms! Bagel™ seamlessly helps you

organize your entire marketing message for optimum conversion

and ultimate profit.


Become a Special Charter
Member of the Bagel
Community, score updates
for life plus thousands in

Bagel™ is launching and now's your chance to grab the best pricing, get some terrific bonuses and become Charter Members of the Bagel Community (we're still working on a nickname for our users─got any ideas?).

You'll get access to our new Facebook group, and when you sign up for our Annual Plan, you'll scope a sexy new Bagelsoft™ t-shirt (but not the model that`s wearing it!).

Why This is the Perfect
Time for You...

No matter where you are in your business, the best time to take action is always NOW. Since you've read this far, it's pretty clear

that you're ready to make improvements to your marketing systems and strategy. Bagel will help you make those changes easily and affordably. And you'll get to try us out absolutely free, too! Give Bagel™ a try and let's see how we can help you spice up your bottom line!

Bagel Was Created for
the "Design-Impaired"

Bagel™ is launching and now's your chance to grab the best pricing, get some terrific bonuses and become Charter Members of the Bagel™ Community (we're still working on a nickname for our users─got any ideas?)

You'll get access to our new Facebook group, and when you sign up for our Annual Plan, you'll score a sexy new BagelSoft™ t-shirt (but not the model that's wearing it!).

We're "Lazy Friendly."

Our parents taught us that in order to be successful, you have to work hard. By now you've probably realized that despite their best intentions, Mom and Dad were wrong! if you  want to be successful you've got to work smart. Remember, there are plenty of hard-working broke people out there.

So here at Bagel™, we love lazy! (Actually, we love smart work, which sometimes looks like lazy). That's why we made your funnel development process kid-easy and intuitive. We've taken the guesswork out of building your profit funnel by giving you proven funnels designed for optimal conversions.

It Sounds Great...But
What's the Catch?

Bagel™ was designed to give you incredible power and flexibility in your marketing, and every day it's going to get better and better. Right now, as we take it out of the oven, you'll be enjoying it in Beta Status. That means that there may be a few hiccups as we grow it for you.

We made a choice to allow Bagel™ to integrate with the most popular WordPress themes and page-builders, so that means every template needs to be made compatible with each of those tools. We could have simply created our own proprietary page builder and tried to force you to use it (as so many others have done), but we believe that it's better and easier for you to use the exact tools you're already comfortable with.

So that means that the template library won't be as robust as we want right now, but it will be growing monthly with top-quality, high-converting pages. For right now, you'll be getting the basics, but rest assured, we'll be constantly adding and improving things for you!

Taste Bagel™ now and see how great it will be for you and your business. Remember, it's risk-free!

Is There a Guarantee?

Of course. You love it or you don't pay for it. It's as simple as that. If you're not happy, we'll do all we can to make it right for you. And if that doesn't work, we'll cancel your membership and you'll have no further billing. No penalties. No fees. No long-term contracts. No hassle. 

Simple. Easy. We want you happy. Period.

What's Different About
These Funnels?

Those On The Left Cost 300% More!

Same Page. Triple The Price. That's what thousands of people are doping every day when they use other proprietary software. Bagel™ users save money…lots of it…with our low “we love you” pricing and our “use what you're comfortable with” technology that doesn't force you to learn new confusing software. Try it for free right now!

Build What You Want With Bagel!

Lead Magnet

Product Launch

Video Sales




Reverse Squeeze Page


Ask Campaign

Squeeze Page

Store Front

Daily Deal

Live Demo

Home Page


2 Step Tripwire

Auto Webinar


Free Book

Sales Letter

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